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Beyond Web Design

Beyond Web Design

Web Design Pricing Strategy (Double Your Revenue Overnight!)

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Web Design Pricing Strategy (Double Your Revenue Overnight!)

0:00 Intro & Disclaimers
2:55 Jamboard Intro
5:08 Pricing is Tied to Process
6:54 Bidding Deliverables
10:54 Discovery Deliverables
17:00 UX & UI Deliverables
27:30 Content Deliverables
31:30 Development Deliverables
34:35 Launch Deliverables
35:15 Project Management Deliverables
37:47 Management & Marketing
38:50 Problem With Cheap Projects
41:28 Access Real Numbers

DISCLAIMER #1: This is not clickbait.

DISCLAIMER #2: This is not a cash grab … this is actually in the best interest of your clients

DISCLAIMER #3: You can’t sell services that you can’t truly deliver. At the end of the day, don’t just sell these deliverables or this process simply because you can find people to say, “Yes.” Sell only what you can confidently deliver. Don’t be the next web design horror story. If you’re going to be in this game, you have a responsibility to do right by your clients and to do right by this industry.

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Pricing a web design job appropriately – which starts with having a rock-solid process and offering the right deliverables – is CRITICAL for providing quality services consistently.

In this video, I’ll show you the process that my agency follows and how that process influences our deliverables and pricing.

After watching this video, you’ll be able to fix or avoid the three big problems that freelancers and agencies face when it comes to pricing:

Mistake #1: Not offering/providing the right deliverables.

Mistake #2: Not pricing deliverables correctly.

Mistake #3: Unwittingly providing valuable deliverables at no charge.

A sound pricing strategy strikes a balance between time, deliverables (ALL of them, even the ones that aren’t obvious), reputation, and value (value-based pricing).

Even if you’re a freelancer delivering all this work yourself, you need to price for scale so you can have the cashflow and resources to eventually build a team and market/advertise your business.



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