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How To Upload Website Online | Complete Website Design For College University Step By Step

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How To Upload Website Online | Complete Website Design For College University Step By Step

Learn How To Upload local host website online that we have created using HTML and CSS. Upload website on internet

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In this video we will learn to upload our local website that we have created using HTML and CSS to the online server. To upload our website online, we will buy the web hosting and domain name then will upload our website on web hosting.

After that we will learn to send the contact form data to the email address. then we will add free SSL certificate to our website to make our website look secure.

After that we will create Business email or Professional Email id with the domain name, so that the email looks professional.


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Download Image:

Download the image used in website from the above link then try to make this website yourself after watching this step by step website design tutorial.
Here is the steps to upload the website online:

00:00 Video Overview
00:28 Get Web Hosting And Domain Name
06:44 Login to Hosting Control Panel
08:06 Upload Local Website File on Web Hosting
12:11 Get the contact from enquiry data on Email
13:28 Add Free certificate on website
14:30 Create business Email id

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