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Beyond Web Design

Beyond Web Design

Interview with Logan Venderlic, Web Designer

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Interview with Logan Venderlic, Web Designer

In this Writing Notes video, I interview Logan Venderlic, a web designer, to talk about how he approaches web design, where he gets his inspiration, what kinds of techniques he uses, and how he thinks about the audiences who will visit the site.

More information on Logan’s band Emma’s Lounge can be found at They’re also on YouTube at I highly recommend checking them out and supporting them.

*If you’d like to reference this information or would like to ask me a direct questions for an assignment you are working on, that’s awesome and I am glad to help. Below you will find a model of an MLA citation for this video. Please insert the title, date posted, and url for this specific video.

Venderlic, Logan and Phillip Zapkin. “Title.” YouTube, uploaded by Writing Notes, date posted, url.

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