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Beyond Web Design

V.S.L Concepts Free Website Design Training. (2021 Youth Empowerment)

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V.S.L Concepts Free Website Design Training. (2021 Youth Empowerment)

🌐FREE ONLINE WEBSITE DESIGN TRAINING🌐 Brand New 💻laptop💻 for the overall project winner🔥
Every year, We at V.S.L Concepts Empower 1000 African youths with a digital skill that can give them a minimum of $500 monthly, working as a freelancer online. Part of our empowerment for this year is a Free one month website design training.

Click on the link below to learn more and register for this training.

2021 Youth Empowerment (Website Design)

This Free training covers everything you need to know about website design using WordPress. No previous experience is required. At the end of this training, you will have designed their own Blog, NGO, Company and E-commerce websites.

we will also certify you at the end of the training. this is the best empowerment you can get. learn more about the program from the link below.

2021 Youth Empowerment (Website Design)

We Have also arranged for a free Graphics Design training as part of this year’s empowerment program.

learn more about the free graphics design training from the link below

2021 youth empowerment (Graphics Class)

This Free Training will end soon. join now!!

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