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website design and development || front end developer || create a post in new website

website design

website design and development || front end developer || create a post in new website

If you have launched a new website or redesigned existing one, guest posting is something you should definitely do.

What is the guest posting I hear you asking?

Well, Guest posting is writing a post for someone else’s blog. The host gets new content for its readers while the guest blogger gets access to the host’s audience.

By sharing your knowledge with the reader, you win their trust (Like I am trying to do here with this post). In the main content and in the author bio, you link to your site so that readers can visit your new site

Even if your site has not launched yet, you can still link to your site with a landing page on it to collect their emails.

Guest blogging will not only help you a reach a huge and engaged audience pretty fast but it will also help you rank your site higher in Google


When you post on others’ sites, you get backlinks from their site and backlinks are the number 1 ranking factor in Google.

And as you might know, ranking higher in Google brings the most targeted customers.

This is why Business spending on SEO is about to reach $80 billion by 2020.

You can also do link swaps with similar sites in your industry from this free Facebook group: Lets Swap Links (SEO)

Appear on Podcasts
Works with New as well as Redesigned sites

If you listen to any business podcasts, you might have noticed how the hosts bring in new experts to interview regularly.

And a lot of times, these experts have a new book coming out or they have recently launched a new product or a new business.

By sharing with you insights, these people not only win your trust but also promote their new website in a non-salesy way.

You can appear on podcasts too which your target customers listen to, share with them some insights, and announce the launch of your new site.

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website design and development || front end developer || create a post in new website

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