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Web design trends 2021 | Web Design Inspiration | Uishaper

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Web design trends 2021 | Web Design Inspiration | Uishaper

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Parallax animation
The optical illusion that occurs when objects close to the spectator tend to travel faster than objects further away is parallax. Although we see this in daily life, for example, the effect on web pages is real and unreal when we see passing scenery while driving.
The depth created by the use of foreground and background also has the added advantage of immersion, turning the computer screen into something closer to a theater stage. As users browse the web page, as if by magic, they are drawn into its compelling results.

This past year, Neumorphism has been gaining immense momentum, and it aims to usher us into the paradoxical age of minimalist realism in 2021. The style is a successor to skeuomophism, a design approach that integrates renderings into existing designs of familiar, obsolete materials, and in the early 2010s it had its heyday on app icons everywhere. Flat design, which streamlined icons and colors in a way that was less realistic but more standardized and basic, largely replaced this pattern.

Abstract art compositions
Abstract shapes may come across as simple, minimalist and restricting, especially those consisting of geometric primitives such as squares and circles. Web designers, however, are integrating them into dynamic, sprawling compositions that exude liberty in 2021.

Comfortable colors
Most people spend the majority of their time on computers, given the highly digital nature of the job market these days. Because of this, when looking at screens for long periods of time, it is not uncommon for users to encounter eye strain. With color schemes that are based on being easier on the eyes, web designers have taken this into consideration.

Web design for causes
The internet has become a sanctuary, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the numerous shelter-in-place orders that followed. For social events and entertainment, not only have virtual conferences become the norm, many brick-and-mortar brands have switched to websites to keep their companies afloat. And web designers, making practical and impactful templates, were up to the challenge.

Scrolling transformations
When users scroll, they do more than browse the page: they chat. The physical acts they do in real life prompt a response on the screen by flicking their fingers over the mouse. Interaction is a means of engagement, and they are more likely to be informed and active when users are involved in things that are happening.

Digital interpretations of physical products

Captivating questionnaires

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