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Beyond Web Design

Design Startup Ideas Challenge in Figma (28/30)

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Design Startup Ideas Challenge in Figma (28/30)

Design Startup Ideas Challenge in Figma (28/30) – daily design – Mentor – in 1hr.

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A startup that provides a way for people to find a mentor who could help them improve their life.

Beginners are finding it tough to start
– They don’t know who to trust, lots of gurus
– They don’t know where to get recommendations
– They don’t know how to get in touch

Some other videos you will find useful if you are a beginner, developer, startup

How to design a website in Figma

How to build an easy small design system in Figma

If you are a beginner who wants to get into Web Design, best thing is to practise daily, share it and get feedback. Join me and fellow designers on this challenge and share it in the comments or in instagram.

My thought process:

1. Image
Portrait of a mentor and student with rating and testimonial

2. Colour
Clean white and dark gray for both cta, blue for tech

3. Headline
Highlight the – modern way

Images from Pexels
Italo Melo

🎧 Music:
“Old Soul”
Instrumental by Homage

“Coast to Coast”
Instrumental by Homage

“Union Station”
Instrumental by Homage


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