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Business Website Design Ideas Entrepreneur: Insights on how to Work With a Trending Idea in…

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Business Website Design Ideas Entrepreneur: Insights on how to Work With a Trending Idea in…

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Using Trends in Your Content
When using trends in your content, research is your best friend. The internet is full of resources and tools like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, and that can show how a trend is performing with insights, analytics, and keywords. After you conduct your research then you can determine how to implement that topic in your content.

Trending tools like BuzzSumo can populate trending topics that you can use to help inform your content. Deciding which trending topic to use is based on the overall purpose of your content. Are you teaching your audience something new? Is this a piece of content for entertainment? Will you be writing a blog or creating a video?

If you want additional research on a topic, you can review the analytics on the topic. It’s always important to see how audiences are engaging with your trend so you can determine if you want to pursue writing content about that specific trend. There are various online tools that can report the number of current articles around a trend, how it’s performing within a certain timeline, and where it’s being discussed on social media.

Don’t overwhelm your content with trending topics, there will be moments when there isn’t a trending topic that fits with your brand and that’s okay. Researching a trending topic is about seeing what’s relevant within your industry and exploring how you can capitalize on the conversation. As you continue discovering new trends to use in your content, you can also stay up to date by exploring trends on social media.

Using Trends on Social Media
Think of social media as an amusement park. You’ve got a variety of platforms, audiences, and options for sharing your content, but you don’t have to use all of them. On social media, trends can appear in the form of #hashtags or keywords which can show up in the search results of the platform you are using. Social media trends are a quick way to discover real-time conversations around a trending topic.

Trends on Instagram
Instagram allows you to research hashtags and keywords on the explore page and will populate the top-performing accounts or posts based on engagement. You can use the search and explore page to see what content is being liked and what accounts are being followed with the #trending topics you want to create content around.

Trends on Facebook
The list of social platforms continues to grow each year, but 69% of users still use Facebook. Facebook shows trending topics to the right of your newsfeed and will populate a list of top 10 trending topics. There are several benefits to using Facebook such as:

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