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UI Design Trends for 2021 | Web Design Inspiration

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UI Design Trends for 2021 | Web Design Inspiration

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1. 3D Illustrations (yeah, still!)
3D imagery is here to stay — especially when it’s getting easier and easier for regular UI designers to actually create something in 3D!

2. Glassmorphism
Have you heard about the newest craze called glassmorphism? (that’s right, neuomorphism is no longer cool). It’s the newest trend in UI, which is mostly based on a effect called background blur, and it basically creates that “through the glass” look and feel on elements.

3. Real-life pictures
I strongly predict that soon everybody will be tired of illustrations and 3D graphics in product design, so real-life photos will make a huge comeback.

4. Vivid colors
When we use vivid colors, it’s easier for us to differentiate and remember a product. Instagram knew that a long time ago (and that’s why the unforgettable change of their icon took place).

5. Aesthetic minimalism
Probably a trend I personally love the most. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing, than a simple, minimal and readable UI.

6. Big, sophisticated typography
There’s a lot of examples of a big, sophisticated typography playing the main role in a design of a product. Some of them are even entirely based on a typography — and the result is often interesting.


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