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Beyond Web Design

Beyond Web Design

Law firm essential guide to website design – How to improve the look of your website.

website design

Law firm essential guide to website design – How to improve the look of your website.

In the video I’m going to take you through a process of how you can improve the look of your law firm website. This is a subjective topic, be prepared, not everyone is going to agree with you so let’s aim for two things;

Web pages that present relevant content.

A Website that expresses empathy and your brand values.
Firstly it’s going to help you if you take a client focused approach. This will removes guess work, internal opinion and ego and deliver relevant results based on what your clients need.

Your primary concern is your law firm website should assist with your existing and potential clients’ tasks. We do with methods like scenario planning to create the best possible webpages. To keep your website relevant the most important thing is to listen to what they need.

Here’s a few key points that help your law firm website look better.
Firstly I’d like to separate the website into two main components – its content and its functional elements.

Remember it’s the content of your website that will define how it looks. The functional elements of your pages are different and typically include; header, footer, navigation, sub menus and online forms. These elements on the web page should just be intuitive to use.

The main navigation elements are only there to guide your website visitors from A to B. Adorn these elements with distracting colours or graphic elements at your peril.

Lets talk about the basics on how to improve the look of your website

Start with your brand guidelines but remember if your brand colour is purple your website doesn’t need to be purple – because not all your users will like the same colours and we know female vs male have different colour preferences.
Consider users with visual impairments.
Pick two colours from your brand pallet and reserve one extra colour for an accent colour.
Use those colours to create a visual hierarchy, mapping features and functions to colours, for example your calls to action buttons but be aware of users with visual impairments such as colour blindness.
Keep your web page design consistent on every page.
Choose your website’s fonts carefully and make sure they fit in with your brand guidelines.
Have a photography editorial policy – as this will help with a consist look and feel.
Take a similar approach to any graphics you may commission.
So what makes a law firm website look good?
This may come as a surprise but your clients don’t worry about how your website looks, they just need information and are more impressed by the experience of using your website.

I’d like to help you with a few key elements to make your website redesign a success, that’s;

Content design.
Interaction design.
Let’s get into a little more detail these key elements.
Let’s talk about content design first.

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