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Are You Making These 15 Website Design Mistakes?

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Are You Making These 15 Website Design Mistakes?

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Your website can be the first impression made to prospective customers. Does your website delight visitors, whether they visit from a smartphone or a desktop computer? Can they move effortlessly through your site? Is it fast? These are just a few of the many considerations when evaluating a website’s design for usability and performance.

It’s easy to make a few missteps — but big website design mistakes could cost you business, prompting site visitors to bounce before they’ve even begun. Are you a web design ace or is there room for improvement? Use the checklist below to begin the tweaks (or complete overhaul) you need to make your site work its best for your business. Here are the 15 areas you’ll want to pay close attention to:

1. Above-the-fold.
Is the name of your business and the purpose of your website immediately obvious to visitors?

2. Speed.
Does the website load in three seconds or less on desktop, tablet, and mobile?

3. Responsiveness.
Does the website load in three seconds or less on desktop, tablet, and mobile?

4. Intuitiveness.
Is it obvious what the user should do on the website?

5. Navigational simplicity.
Is it easy for users to make their way around your website?

6. Readability.
Is the text easy to read and does it scale?

7. Scannability.
Can users quickly and easily scan the website for information?

8. Cleanliness.
Is the website copy clear and error-free?

9. Elegance.
Is there plenty of whitespace?

10. Branding.
Do the website’s colors align with your brand’s personality?

11. Contact info.
Is it easy for prospective customers or business partners to reach you?

12. Search.
How well does your search feature work?

13. Timeliness.
Is all the information on your website current?

14. Annoyances.
Does your site include any features than many users find annoying?

15. Error handling.
What happens when someone goes to an invalid URL or moved/missing page?

Your website works 24/7 for your business — make the investment into fixing these 15 website design mistakes to put your best foot forward on the web.

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