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Beyond Web Design

A Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Web-Design | Srinidhi Ranganathan | Saranya

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A Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Web-Design | Srinidhi Ranganathan | Saranya

This educative video by Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” and “Saranya Srinidhi” will convey lots of useful info about the future of web design using the power of AI.

The increase in customer service and sales are one of the key reasons why artificial intelligence is used in web design and development. AI-based chatbots allow a great client experience by imitating human interaction and being a standard part of modern web design. Today , consumers expect highly tailored updates from the content they read to the delivered services at every stage of their consumer journey. Intelligence reshapes web creation across chat bottlenecks at key stages of the customer travel, thus enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction and reducing resource dependence. Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence (ADI) – The new designer in Town.

The core of web development is the automation of website design and development. ADI is a technology that uses machine learning to create websites alone. The human element depends on the inputs you want, and the ADI creates a customized design which relies on what users want in an unattainable timeframe. Though still in its infancy, ADI tools like Adobe Sensei, The Grid, Firedrop and WIX ADI have become a craze for the automation of web design activities in this industry.

The use of Wix ADI in the website design of an ecommerce website is a perfect example of ADI usage. Chingon Sunglasses Store has a clean homepage with the following items. The website top navigation consists of just a few choices and client information is given at the bottom of the page. This is the simplicity necessary for any web design of the ecommerce site so as not to deter consumers from buying, and Wix ADI does it smartly. In order to complete it, AI has made it through the door of every industry we can currently imagine.

Web development is one of the many fields that will change forever by self-experimentation and auto-learning AI programs. It is clear that AI has immense potential to lower barriers to web creation but it does not plan to replace human developers soon. Developers will also need to change their skills to qualify and stand out from their peers for AI in web creation.
AI would quickly become an integral component of a toolkit for a web developer. Developers will be a mix of programmers, ML developers and developers. A good understanding of UX and the ability to turn learning into AI-assisted computer algorithms would be a crucial skill for developers. Despite growing numbers of companies bringing AI into their day-to-day operations, hiring AI developers will only increase in the near future. To order for technical professionals to survive the competition in the industry, they need to focus more on data-driven coding approach and gain a deeper understanding of AI technologies for web creation.

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