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Internet Marketing and Website Design Fairburn GA Digital and Online Marketing Georgia

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Internet Marketing and Website Design Fairburn GA Digital and Online Marketing Georgia

Internet Marketing and Website Design Fairburn GA -Digital and Online Marketing Georgia
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Whether you call it Internet marketing, online marketing, or digital marketing, when people think about Internet marketing in Fairburn Georgia, the first thing that comes to mind are websites and website design, and they should. For a business, their website is the heart of their online presence. Potential customers look to the website for information about the business itself and its products and services.

 The big problem is that most website designs we see today are essentially 20 years out of date. They are basically brochures. The technology of today’s internet marketing has advanced a great deal and has outdistanced those old website designs.

Why do people still buy these outdated website designs? The answer is simple: They are easy to come by and cheap. Lazy website designers can reuse these old website designs over and over for a quick buck at the customer’s expense. I have talked to clients who have paid for website design, only to find that the “Unique” website designed just for them has several twin siblings owned by other competitors. The only difference was the name and phone number had been changed.

 Today’s online marketing technologies have made video THE major focus of online marketing. Why? Because 90% of those surveyed said that they prefer watching a video, rather than reading a wall of text on a website. Yet, when we look at many websites today, we see so many website designs have no videos at all. Why not make doing business with a company easy? Why not give the potential client what they want?

Most businesses that don’t have video say it is the cost of having a video created. Allow me to point out what internet marketing professionals have noted for a long time now. The cost of a video is a one-time cost, as most website videos are generic enough to be on the page for years. The ongoing cost of losing potential customers because of lack-luster website design is a daily loss. It is also the case that video production costs have plummeted over the last couple of years making a video very affordable.

There are half a dozen other new website design technologies that I can think of off the top of my head that can put the “Marketing” back into “Digital Marketing” on your website. When doing internet marketing in Fairburn GA, a business needs every advantage. You don’t want to have a website designed to be a mere brochure; you can turn your website into an internet marketing machine. Your website can be more than just:

• A home page
• An about us page
• A couple of product and services pages
• And a contact page

Your website design in Fairburn GA can be just as exciting and engaging to potential customers as well as informative as one in Atlanta, New York City, or Los Angeles. Let the professional digital marketing and website design experts at Precision Internet Marketing look over your website and give you a no-cost, no-obligation audit. We can share some ideas on using your website as a marketing machine, rather than just a brochure. We will send you a report, no salesperson will call. We can show you how to turn your website into an internet marketing sales force that works for you In Fairburn Georgia 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. You have nothing to lose by looking at a report, and everything to gain by seeing what you can do to get more clients via your website.

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Title: Internet Marketing and Website Design Fairburn Georgia -Digital and Online Marketing Fairburn GA

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