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How To Find Web Design Inspiration To Stand Out | Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 18

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How To Find Web Design Inspiration To Stand Out | Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 18

The key to having your websites stand out is looking for web design inspiration outside of the web design space. Watch the video to see what I mean.

I believe that the best way of of creating something truly unique is drawing inspiration in places that are completely unrelated to the world of web design.

If the only way you are drawing inspiration is by looking at your competitors or looking at other websites then not only do you risk creating something generic but you also run the risk of ripping off someone’s work accidentally.

Which is why, today, I’m showing you how to think outside the box (for lack of a better expression) and seek out web design inspiration that will entirely differentiate the work that you produce.

Do you have any unique ways of drawing awesome inspiration for your web design in 2020? Let me know in the comments.

Note: It doesn’t hurt to start off a search by checking out the best web design inspiration sites out there. Here are some sources:

00:00 Intro
00:59 The steps to finding web design inspiration
1:25 Looking at other websites for inspiration
2:09 Websites I use for web design inspiration
4:03 Where I save all of my web design inspiration
4:29 Finding inspiration outside of web design
7:03 Recap

I use Invision boards to visually collect inspiration:

Learn how to build custom websites with Webflow FAST:

Find me on other social media platforms:

Gear & Book Recommendations:

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Thanks for watching the video!

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