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Your First 4 Web Development Project Ideas [how to become a web developer and what to build first]

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Your First 4 Web Development Project Ideas [how to become a web developer and what to build first]

Not sure where to start? Here are your first 4 web development project ideas for your web developer portfolio if you are just starting out. Subscribe – ( read more… )

Everyone is wondering how to become a web developer, but if you are self taught, you might not know where to start.

Here are my 4 ideas for what projects to build first for your portfolio.

So if you are trying to become a web developer without a degree, going to coding bootcamp, or pursuing your CS degree.

These 4 projects are a must, especially if you are just learning to code as a complete beginner.

The most common mistake is to get stuck in “tutorial hell” a form of procrastination where you keep jumping from course to course without completing any projects.

This can waste lots of time and keep you from getting a job faster.

This is not a complete web development roadmap, but instead, a recommendation on what you should build first for your portfolio.

Let us know in the comment below if you ever been stuck in “tutorial hell” that kept you from completing your projects. I know I have.


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The goal of this channel is to help you keep your expectations realistic while working towards your goal of getting a job as a web developer or landing your first freelance gig.

Thank you for your time. Your support is what keeps us going. I know that there is a lot of other how to code channels out there, so thank you for choosing ours.

Happy coding,


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